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Another one: “Dimitry, firstly i am the one and only Socialnetworker so how dare you create another profile, which is probably about your 200th that can confuse people about my ID and what I am saying.Socialnetworkers is from Dimitry Rudakov, the Russian worm of Able dating / Abk-soft. Now you see that Abledating Scam company is trying to fix its reputation by creating numerous fake profiles and post fake good reviews about its scam software.) Be careful and saty away from Abledating scam.I’m trying to get my money back with my credit card company.I found out it was a Russian scammer Dmitriy Rudakov, I found his address in Russia but looks like he’s safe there and there’s nothing we can do to reach him out and put him responsible for his deeds. I’m sure that there are a lot of other customers who lost their money as well and want to find out a way how to get money back.Right when I paid I couldn’t get a hold of anyone, they just stopped answering my inquiries.

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A few members of that forum supported the idea of giving money to any person who can get the real address of the Russian Scammer Dmitry Rudakov. Learn more here: Here is the original text; “Again, I will pay ANYONE 0 dollars for a verified home address of Dimitry Rudakov, the owner of How about Serina Hall or Glenn Ryan or Rebeca Owens? But your time is coming.” To read the full text please go to this page: You screwed them all plus tons more that I’ve heard about over the last year. But what really takes the cake is that you scammed someone that I have the upmost respect for. p=11908897&postcount=10 Filed under: How to avoid Abledating scam — abledating @ am Tags: abk business space, abk mixer, abk software refund, abk-soft abledating & ablespace template, abk-soft scam, abledating, abledating scam, ablespace scam, test abledating Hi. Here are the proofs: When I was scammed by I felt myself really awful thought that I was alone in the world without my money. I changed my job and found another one, I didn’t earn that amount of money which I lost when bought Abledating dating software and spent money on custom development but I’m on the right way.A girl by the name of Tammi, an American girl with two kids. I won’t post her last name because she doesn’t deserve that. Just found a comment on Abledating’s new way of life.) ” June 17, 2009 at am WARNING!!! I continue to look for new information and ways on how to stop Abledating scam and help others by warning them about Abledating scam.Last week i read an article that ABK-soft (Russian coders) integrate secret iframes in their scripts. I found a lot of Abledating rip-off cases on the net and mentioned some of them here.

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