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Let's hope you have decided to make all this go away and me the confidentiality fee." Managing director of, Dalton Dullaghan says people should not panic, not email the fraudster back, change all of their passwords and turn off their webcam when not in use."We've been getting a lot of calls from stressed out people on this sextortion scam that's doing the rounds at the moment," he said."People are panicked in the main, that the scammer knows their password."On average, the passwords that I have seen have been ones that the users actually do have in use on the internet at various places which adds a sense of realism and panic to the email."Most likely, an account associated with the email address has been compromised at some point - such as the well documented breaches in Facebook and Linked In - and the criminal is using details already available on the dark web."I would be very worried that this kind of email could have tragic consequences on a vulnerable person who may be driven over the edge by this."Never pay the bad bounty and turn on the two step authentication of all accounts where possible."Mr Dullaghan says he has seen instances where hackers have waited an watched a person's email for months, waiting for that one big pay day.Several friends and professional contacts phoned me in a state of panic this summer saying they had received emails from a shady entity claiming to have hacked their computer webcams while they were viewing adult websites. But these messages bore a troubling bit of information, something that instantly set their targets on edge. Second, check to see whether any accounts tied to that password appear in Have I Been Pwned, a searchable database that identifies what personal information of yours may have leaked as a result of various online breaches."Well I actually placed a malware on the adult video clips (porno) web site and guess what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what I mean)."While you were watching video clips, your internet browser started out working as a remote desktop with a key logger which gave me access to your display screen as well as web camera.

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The three largest site's SQL databases included usernames, email addresses, and the date of the last visit, and passwords, which were either stored in plaintext or scrambled with the SHA-1 hash function, which by modern standards isn't cryptographically as secure as newer algorithms.

Unbelievably, the phisher says it only wants the money as compensation for time spent investigating them and warned that the 'cops' won't trace him."Without a doubt, I have covered my steps to ensure this mail cannot be tracked returning to me and it will not stop the evidence from destroying your daily life."I am not trying to steal all your savings.

I just want to be compensated for the time I placed into investigating you.

When asked, Revolver denied he was behind the data breach, and instead blamed users of an underground Russian hacking site.

The attack on Friend Finder Networks is the second in as many years.

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