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A bus transporting female convicts is forced off the road and the ones who force it off the road are the partners of two of the convicts on the bus. In the near future, an organized crime group known as the "Outfit" has become a major force in America.

Walker tells children a Christmas story about a Texas Ranger from 1876. In 1876, a baby was kidnapped and Haynes was assigned the case. An experienced member of Texas Rangers, a special police unit, arrives to compete in a pistol shooting tournament, but so does a hitman who's planing to assassinate a US senator who will be among the spectators.

This was a show that had a mixture to it...taking the elements of a modern-day traditional Western,add in some high flying martial arts action with some impressive karate action and spectacular action sequences with a little of modern-day issues thrown in for good measure.

This show had it all and then some..flying action and adventure with breathtaking sequences adding in some of Chuck Norris' sensational moves for dealing with the baddies who wreck havoc each week.

He became a Waggoner, and worked along the frontier and in the Indian country for some time.

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Fietsam is one of the large land owners and business men of the Ammansville [Ammannsville] locality in Fayette County, and is known all over the county for his efficient service as county commissioner, an office from which he retired in 1914. The latter was one of those German pioneers who came into Texas in the great movement of German colonization during the decade of the '40s.Jimmy's technological expertise is always there in solving cases and taking down the lowlifes. When not on duty, Walker and Trivette and the others hang out at C. Each week, Walker and his partner Trivette take on the baddest of the bad,and if you notice the same formula is used in just about every episode.D.'s Restaurant-the saloon owned by his buddy C. As the show opens it is dealing with crimes involving murder,kidnapping,espionage,robbery,or whatever comes to mind.He is a man of large physical proportions and splendid constitution, from whom one would expect vigorous accomplishment, and while he began life with only the capital of willing hands he has secured a reasonable degree of material prosperity and at the same time has not neglected his obligations toward the community and his fellow men. Fietsam was born in Fayette County, at Bluff, on February 6,1856. He was born at Herzogthum in Nassau, in what is now the German Empire, on February 12, 1825, and was reared on a farm, being the son of a surveyor.He acquired a more liberal education than could usually be obtained from the popular schools of his time.

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