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"I think that when you do love someone, you never stop loving them, you just have to deal with it. It's just something that you have to face, and it's maybe just not the right time or maybe it's just not right at all.But the hardest part is that, once you do fall in love with someone, you're there... " Sherrie is never rumored for dating or marrying anyone after her breakup with Steve, however, Steve was in a dating relationship with Kellie Nash.Although the couple was having a good time, they decided to separate and headed ahead separately since 1985.During an interview with the Tampa Bay Times in 2011, Perry sweetly recalled the days when he was with Swafford. The yoga teacher is rarely seen in media these days and shows no sign of rumors in present time.The 80's diva is believed to be living her life alone and she maintained to keep her personal life a low-key. In many ways they can seem more mature, attractive and have their lives more together than their shambolic single counterparts. Too many nights of looking stunning in your new outfit only to be admired by the cat as you’re let down yet again. In the unlikely event of being seen out anywhere by anyone he knows, you will be introduced as his niece/ cousin/ babysitter. If he has kids it’s highly unlikely he wants more, even though your imagination is working overtime dreaming of your own little family together. You can never just phone him when you’re having a bad day. And sadly, as some grow bored of what they have at home, there’s apparently no shortage of them looking to cheat. As well as the big, glaring explanations for avoiding these – feeling bad about yourself and playing a part in ruining a relationship and possibly a family – there’s other things that will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

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The duo was sharing a good bond initially and Steve even wrote a song for Sherrie called 'Oh Serrie' and featured her in that video in 1984.

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And you’ll definitely never see him on birthdays and Christmas. You will tire of hearing ‘if only I’d met you 10 years ago.’ 9.

You find yourself going out less and less with friends, in case he can spare an hour to see you. Forget planning a nice romantic weekend away, there will always be some reason why it doesn’t happen. The awful cocktail of emotions when (not if) someone finds out about your affair – fear they’ll tell his wife, shame and, weirdly, some small relief. Men who find out will think you’re an easy target for unwanted attention.

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