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If we are uncomfortable talking to our kids about dating then perhaps we need to deal with this before we allow them to date.After all, we are responsible for both the hearts and souls of our developing children. Instead, we must look at both our own comfort level and our teen’s comfort level when discussing all matters related to dating.

__ _ _ I agree, I believe that you should be about 11 or 12 though. Not serious dating, maybe just going to lunch together, or going to the movies. _____________________ I agree with 11-13, I'm 11 myself but not dating yet. Carbon 14 dating is the best known example of radiometric dating, but there are many others.

It’s important to teach them about the delicate parameters of dating including when to say yes or no to physicality and sex.

Additionally, we need to be ready to set parameters and limits about when they must be home and how often they should check in with us when they are on dates. We must let them know that dating is complicated and that we are available to talk to them about the intricacies of dating.

Let's just say that I was sort of a goody two shoes and didn't want to upset my parents. I am now a mother of a 12 year old daughter and a 10 year old son.

Last week the 12 year old asked when she can start dating.

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    This allows enough time to see if it's someone you'd like to see again and not that long to just have a chat.