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This is actually pretty significant, since the sunset line accelerates upward, and it brings down his second-sunset height quite a bit.

If he got a faster lift, or used an elevator, the correction would become less necessary.

Wallace Huo’s speech: “I’ve known you for so long, and being friends with you is, to me, a very lucky thing.

When it’s time to catch the bouquet, Fan Bing Bing and Hu Ge were the first to shoot right up.

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It’s been 18 years and “When” by Power Station still stands the test of time, arousing old joys and sentiments in the audience. Now, an actual cherry picker has a maximum lift rate (I Googled some random cherry picker specs, and 0.3 m/s is a normal enough top lift rate.) We’ll call that rate v, so the actual height of the lift will be this: Substituting that in and solving for v, we get this: (That’s arcsecant, not arcsecond).This equation tells us how fast the lift has to go to get from the ground to height h in time for the sunset: 2*pi*6 meters/(day*arcsec(6 meters/(radius of earth) 1)) and find that h=6 meters gives about the right speed.Extra credit for anyone who wants to derive the expression for the height of the second sunset given the lift speed and height of first sunset.For now, I recommend he dig a hole in the sand and park the lift in it, so their eyes are about at sea level If you work in one of the physical sciences and don’t use Google Calculator for all your evaluatin’, you’re missing out.

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