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She stayed on spinach diet for weeks for her role as Dr. She ate only spinach throughout the day for weeks in order to come back in bikini shape.She had to do some underwear scenes and for that, she stayed on spinach diet.Type II refers to the typology developed for future ciphony equipment.In the spring of 1942, it was realized that while SIGSALY was successful, development for ciphony equipment with other physical and functional properties was needed.

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Like SIGSALY, the Type II device was unusual in that its “encryption” (technically, scrambling) was made possible by the direct involvement of the receiving party, and without the need for pre-arranged exchange of information. It was this idea of involving the receiver in the process of secure information exchange that spurred Ellis to contemplate if such an arrangement might be possible with “ordinary encipherment,” instead of audio scrambling.This task of finding what would become known as a mathematical one-way function was left to his colleague Clifford Cocks.So, in November 1973, detailing another possible implementation of Ellis’ non-secret encryption; this time, Williamson’s algorithm was basically a version of the one later identified by Diffie and Hellman, in their famous “New Directions” paper, which was the first unclassified description of public-key cryptography.Since their invention in 1978, they have at once been called “inseparable,” and have been the subject of numerous divorces, travels, and torments.In the ensuing years, other characters have joined their cryptographic family.

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