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*Photograph by Edouard Plongeon.*When Alison Mosshart and Jack White formed The Dead Weather in 2009, a nation of Chelsea Girls and Modern Gainsbourgs trembled at the prospect of no more Kills records. Did you change your approach to writing at all over the break? He was writing a certain type of really English song. This is gonna be a really different record than the one before it.” With two people in a band, you’re pretty limited, in terms of what you can play, so it’s always going to be the idea over the ability. Pre-order it on and listen to the new single, “Satellite,” below.

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A few weeks into our doomed relationship, the worst guy ever lent me his copy of the Kills' first LP (which I never returned), and I fell in love with Alison Mosshart.

takes us down some new roads as far as Kills records go.

Alison is one of the popular American singer, songwriter, and artist.

The lead single, Die By The Drop, was also written by Mosshart, Fertita, and Lawrence.

Moreover, then her musical career, she is also featured at Primal Scream song Dolls in 2006.

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