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"Do you have the other Valentine's Day gift I gave you? It has a photo-taking function."Wrapping her arms around his neck, Syd smiled up at Sky as he pulled the pocket pc from his jacket.

Holding it out in front of them, Sky leaned his head against Syd's blond curls as he snapped a shot of them.

I love you, and I would do anything I could to make you happy.""Sky, that's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me," said Syd with tears in her eyes."See, I had it in me the entire time," boasted Sky as he made a sweeping gesture toward his romantic, rooftop get-up.

"But wait, I have something more for you.""Sky, you shouldn't have," protested Syd in pretense. "Syd tore off the pink and red checkered wrapping paper and beheld a picture frame inside.

"I mean, I had thought romantic things weren't important to you at all and…""Syd," said Sky, cutting her off with a finger to her lips.

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Making her way over to a candle lit table for two, Syd laughed delightedly at the confetti and Hershey Kiss candy decorations.I think I did a good job.""Sky, you do have a sense of humor after all," laughed Sky delightedly as she nibbled at the necklace around the throat."I really hope you have one too Syd," replied Sky apprehensively as he reached for a case under the table."Especially after you hear this.""I didn't know you played guitar!ohmygosh, Sky," breathed Syd as she stepped out onto the candle-covered and rose-strewn roof top.Sky had turned the austere observation deck into an amorous rendezvous for two, covering the stringing the roof top rails with pale Christmas lights in a display of romantic radiance that immediately illuminated Syd's heart.

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