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Can you see that some of the blocks are different colored. What happened was that I had a chunk of muslin that I started cutting from (I’ll admit to not figuring out the yardage for the muslin). Within each block I did use the same color of muslin fabric though.

I had a big chunk and just thought it would be enough…it wasn’t and muslin is AWFUL to match so I gave up trying and didn’t match it on purpose. I think the different colors give the quilt a little pop…. You know me…I’m often finishing up things at the last second. So there it is…all done finished and ready to go to!

and I thought: “Well, you can actually apply from the Czech Republic?

” I never knew that it was possible for anyone from the Czech Republic to study at these schools.

The back is an “off” colored taupe and it was hard to find any other fabrics that looked good with it.

I was super happy that there was enough backing fabric to bind it.

Secondly, it also opened the opportunity for me to study at Oxford. “One day I met a girl who was applying to Cambridge…

I ended up having to use a cream colored thread on the back as, try as might, I couldn’t get the darker backing thread to not show up a bit on the front.

It’s a common problem when working with a quilt that has such a light front.

Then I began talking to professors at AAU, and I thought I could maybe just give it a try.” Between keeping up a straight A average and spending three to four months on her motivation letter, her efforts became a reality… “The most shocking thing was the list of readings we were supposed to prepare for each week.

I tried to do all the suggested reading my first couple weeks where I was reading 14 hours a day, then I realized it was impossible.

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