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That lone tweet caused an internet clamor for Scott, with fans of the show demanding the new sports heartthrob feature in an upcoming season.It was enough for most fans to cringe in the same way we might when Scott reaches for his long putter.He and fellow Australian Robert Allenby have forfeited their European Tour membership, claiming changes to that Tour’s eligibility clauses have forced them to decline taking up 2011 Tour membership.The European Tour recently approved an increase from 12 to 13 the number of tournaments members have to compete in a season to retain automatic membership.(Photo by Awakening/Getty Images)Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic leave the Aman Grand Canal hotel to reach the wedding hall at Palazzo Cavalli before the celebration of their marriage on July 12, 2016 in Venice, Italy.Adam Scott better get himself to a flower shop, because his girlfriend Marie Kojzar just saved him from the beautiful mess that is "The Bachelor."CBS Sports is proud to report the Australian who just won the Masters is not single at the moment.And they’ve decreed that three of those 13 events have to be played in Europe proper.

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Scott managed 13 European Tour events last year but this year, and up to and including the Barclays Singapore Open, he had played in 10 with only two of those, the French Open and the British Open, in Europe proper.She lost her first match under her new manager when she was fifteen years old and cried out of fear of her being dropped from the agency.She was ranked fourth in Women's Tennis in the year 2007.Now if you are wondering where all this "Bachelor" guff comes from, you can thanks the show's producer.As Scott celebrated his playoff win against Angel Cabrera at Augusta, Robert Mills had himself a fantastic idea.

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