Angelina jolie olivier martinez dating gibson dating pots

It could be possible that the long-haired lady is no one special – she could just be Maceo’s nanny and Martinez needed some help grocery shopping. The nannies have been known to provide a shoulder to cry on and a comfortable bed to share.Is Olivier Martinez over Halle Berry and officially off the market – or is this just a fling? Maybe the duo stopped off and bought and expensive bottle of champagne on the way home!The Berry-Martinez divorce got ugly there for a while but things seem to have calmed down. Did the duo share an intimate, candlelight pre-Valentine’s dinner at home?Olivier and Halle appear to be effectively co-parenting their son two-and-a-half-year-old son Maceo. Maybe it was Halle’s weekend with Maceo and Olivier took advantage of the downtime to romance the new lady in his life.It even looks as if most of Martinez’s free time has been spent with the toddler lately. Halle Berry hasn’t exactly been all alone since splitting from Olivier Martinez.Just before Christmas 2015 the “Extant” actress was seen with rapper Chris Webby.At the time things between the 49-year-old Berry and the 27-year-old Webby appeared to be casual.Is Olivier’s heart on the mend and is the French actor ready to date again?

It would be like Stavros Niarchos running into Paris Hilton. But it wasn't until Jolie started dancing for Martinez that things got really wild.

So why is it that a woman like Berry (who could probably stop a meteorite with her looks) ends up getting doodled in the romance department? Reading this should put your imperfections in perspective.

Halle was married to David Justice, a Major League baseball player, for three years.

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