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What a lot of asexuals don’t realise, is there are dating sites specifically for asexuals, I am on and, the first is free, the second I believe is £15 to upgrade to full membership for the year, but you can create a profile and put your email and other social media contact details on it, and just tell people to message you off there, and it would seem like no one stops you.

When I joined, there were less than 5000 members, now there are over 21,000; and so it was free back then, and has remained free so far me for me – I have silver status!

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But what would be the use of a well-written profile if the system of the dating site is unreliable.

Meet-ups are not normally used to find dates, but to meet other asexuals and make friends, however, one of those friends could turn into a future relationship for you, but don’t go with that intension.

If you do decide you would like to meet someone on your own, I would always recommend Skyping them first for your own safety and piece of mind.

If you have been messaging someone a lot of ace dating sites, you may want to give ‘Skype Dating’ a go before meeting them in person.

This is different to Skyping someone just to get to know them for a one-to-one meet up or as a friend.

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    Her exterior softens as she befriends Ellie, Marco, and her once-nemesis Paige, with whom she begins a same-sex relationship.

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    Then, you are connected completely at random to the first available person who has done the same thing.

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    But how can you know if they're truly compatible with you?