Auctiva scrolling gallery not updating

The folder is correct when you look at it but not when you view one picture after another. Yeah this bug has been there for a long time, shortly after the new photo viewer became the default.At least the new photo viewer was improved a little since the bug initially appeared (there is now a toggle button to zoom to actual size and zoom to fit) but you can't change the image while zoomed in. You also can't zoom in and out with the scroll wheel anymore.Powerful integrated email marketing tools allow you to maintain contact with your customers and keep bringing them back to your shop.Auctiva’s advanced order management dashboard allows you to view your orders at a glance and process them in bulk or individually.It seems that Auctiva Blog might be infected or spreading some malware, so we recommend that you stay away until it’s fixed.Auctiva is an e Bay auction management system which is used to automate the task of placing listings on e Bay. This is an all-in-one website that really makes the e Bay selling process simple.Auctiva’s one-page listing tool automates much of the e Bay listing process, allowing you to effortlessly create more listings in less time.By utilizing Auctiva’s listing profiles for commonly used information, scheduling and auto-relisting features, as well as integrated checkout and shipping insurance—all of which minimize the number of steps needed to list on e Bay making your time more profitable.

The scrolling gallery helps you cross-market and increase customer traffic.

I have Photoshop to edit pictures, don't need your picture app to do that.

Actually, all you have to do is right click on a jpg and pick the default application you want to use to open jpgs.

From image management to shipping configurations, to custom tax setups, and everything in between, Auctiva Commerce makes it simple to update your store.

Marketing & Promotion: One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is through product feeds to the major comparison shopping engines.

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