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Make sure you choose the right aspect ratio: some digital picture frames come in a 16:9 or ratio rather than 4:3, which is good for landscape photos but not always for portraits.

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To turn your tablet into a photo frame, I recommend Fotoo, a frame app on the Play Store that has a 4.3-star review rating.The best digital photo frames also give you much more flexibility than a traditional frame, letting you run slideshows, play videos, and even use their built-in calendar and clock functionality.If you’re anything like us, you’ll have hundreds of photos sitting on your smartphone, camera or a cloud storage service somewhere.And more importantly, it’s one you can set up at a family member’s house, update remotely, and never have to think about again. I prefer Dropbox for this option, but the app we’re going to use also supports Google Drive, Google Photos, and local storage servers.If you already use something else, like Facebook or Flickr, you’ll need a different app for your tablet…but surprisingly, a lot of the apps on the Play Store kind of suck.

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