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Today, a site like Ave Maria Singles is something all serious single Catholics must consider as a first option, not a last resort out of desperation.

Our members are always amazed there are so many Catholics like themselves when they join -- this brings them great hope.

It seemed that all they needed was a place to come into contact with each other.

Q: Why would Catholics opt for a high-tech dating method? Buono: In "traditional dating," you meet someone in person and spend time together, which is essential in knowing if they are the right person.

For Catholics who have discerned a marriage vocation, meeting your future spouse has become a very difficult thing to do. They lived in a community where everyone was Catholic and people believed in community.

It was easy to meet someone who shared everything, not just your faith.

ZENIT, May 3, 2004 Many Catholic singles would turn to Internet dating as a last resort. The Catholic online singles service should be their first stop to find a spouse, insists the group's president, Anthony Buono.

The service, he says, caters to orthodox, single Catholics who want to meet their best friend, court, marry and live according to the teachings of the Church. Buono: I got to travel quite a bit while working for a Catholic book publishing company, and on my trips I would meet many single Catholics.

Even really good Catholics have been influenced by the worldly attitudes on marriage, relationships, sexuality and treatment of the opposite sex.True Catholic "dating" is about being marriage-minded.A true "date" should be something that takes place between two people who are open to answering a marriage call. Courtship presumes both people are called to marriage; they seek to discern if they are called to each other first through friendship, then courtship.Buono: There are many, but the two main issues are: You can't be sure people who say they are "Catholic" are truly Catholic; and the world is small, busy and very affluent, people are very mobile, and the concept of the "community" has been dismantled.It is no surprise that the Internet has picked up this concept of forming communities.

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