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It also aired in Australia on ABC2 from 2 June 2010.In October 2010, BBC Three aired two further programmes, the first on former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the second on sex trafficking and underage sex slavery in Cambodia.

In 2015, Dooley created the documentary series Beaten By My Boyfriend where she investigated domestic abuse within the UK.Dooley also presented the CBBC series Show Me What You're Made Of.Shot in Dooley's native Luton, My Hometown Fanatics was broadcast on BBC Three on 20 February 2012.On 30 July, Dooley appeared on the BBC's Celebrity Mastermind where her specialist subject was the television series Girls.In November 2016, Dooley appeared in a BBC Three series Brainwashing Stacey, where she went to a US anti-abortion summer camp and then to some African big-game hunters.

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    Her parents worked for long hours that made her stay alone at home. Growing up, she joined the school at Palma de Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain.