Beautiful people dating site hacked

It is this kind of additional information that makes these kinds of attacks so serious and introduces a unique set of repercussions.

"The Ashley Madison hack has illustrated the value of the data stored on these websites, and also the high potential for everything from blackmail to causing trouble for the sake of it," Jovi Umawing, malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, said.

"As we've seen with reports of suicide related to the Ashley Madison hack, the consequences can be devastating," Umawing added.

Are dating sites, specialist or not, necessarily targeted more frequently than other sites, though?

The data was sold and traded before 000webhost was alerted in October.More recently, subscribers to elite dating site Beautiful People, which only allows people who are perceived to be highly attractive to subscribe, also had their details leaked online, including their income, address, relationship status and virtually every biometric data point imaginable, including weight, eye colour and hair colour.While the site has been criticised for removing people for perceivedly being too old or not good looking enough, no one has come forward with a reason for why they hacked to site. And are those who use specialist sites - be they for 'elite' groups, people looking for an affair, or anything else - more at risk than those who use "vanilla" dating services?Naturally, no IT system can be 100 per cent secure.However, we employ a number of methods to ensure a very high level of data security.

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