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Of the 2,000 people surveyed by, those aged 18-24 were fives times more likely to feel lonely, three times more likely to feel depressed and twice as likely to feel anxious, sleepless and empty. Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical director of, said: "These findings highlight some very worrying consequences of binge-watching TV, particularly within the younger generation."We have long been aware of the physical effects that come along with being a couch potato, but we should also be conscious that if we don’t moderate our TV-watching habits it can also be highly detrimental to our, and particularly our children’s, mental wellbeing." If you work from home or in an office, you probably don't spend much time outside - especially when it's cold and miserable.To combat that, you need to surround yourself with red, yellow and orange light.Try to ban all technology from the bedroom and set yourself a clear period of time before bed when you stop using it.We previously reported on the women who became hopelessly hooked on sleeping pills which had a devastating effect on their health and happiness.Binge watching your favourite TV shows can stop you from sleeping because it leaves us feeling anxious.If you do need to use your phone or laptop before bed, you can download apps like which changes the colour of the light that your computer emits to amber in the night - or use the nighttime setting on your i Phone.

Otherwise, you’ll rebound back to start.” So if you want to be able to sleep naturally, you might want to avoid taking sleeping draughts altogether.

As you sleep, your circulation changes and that can leave many of us waking up in the middle of the night with cold toes.

When we're in the land of nod, our body has a chance to grow and repair and when that's happening, our blood is focused more centrally - meaning that our extremities become colder.

That means that after a particularly greasy dinner, you might wake up feeling groggy.

If you do want to have a takeaway, try to eat it earlier in the evening and on the whole, keep your evening meal heavy on the veg and light on the grease and spice.

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