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In 1993, Meredith published “Team Roles at Work”, which provided more practical applications for Team Role theory in the workplace.Ever since, Belbin Associates has gone from strength to strength, with distributors spreading the Team Role message to individuals and organisations all over the world.The team conducted three business games a year, with eight teams in each game.

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He persuaded companies to take on individuals for free “work experience”, pioneering a concept which is now commonplace.It was here that he met Eunice, who would later become his wife. Meredith remembers contriving to partner her in a tennis match in order to catch her eye and, a year later, the two were married.Shortly afterwards, Meredith began studying for his Ph D, focusing on the Psychology of Ageing in Industry.This took him all over the world wherever the question of older people in industry arose.In the USA, he worked with the US Department of Labor, integrating underprivileged members of the community whose talents would otherwise have gone to waste.

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