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Again, for those, having trouble keeping up unending conversation at an eatery. You can sit and talk, and you can have much fun, too. Make it something fun, something everyone likes and can relate to.

No need to really map out the entire conversation topics for the date. Do not take a class on how to fix a car or build a space shuttle. For instance, you can take a cooking class (making pizza or chocolate sweets).

Make a good intro to such a date place, sort of tune her up for and go. In our days there are all kinds of museums out there (not only art or history). Or some kind of place, where they let you do something and interact with things. So, basically any venue, where you can play games make good places to go on a date for the first time.

Great place for the first date, because you walk as a couple and you have something to do, too. You can just ask her about it and let her know you are serious and considerate, too.

You can have snacks, chats, play some games, watch people, etc.

And, you are not stuck there for a long while, as it is with a fancy dinner. You are pretty much stuck at the restaurant, but at the bar you can alter your plans easily. Pick the one you fancy the most, but do not forget to let your lady know where you are going.

Now, there are some traditional and a bit boring venues or first date places, such as restaurants or movies. Can we find at least 10 alternatives and be creative?

Surely we can, but first let’s find out about the three worst places to take a girl to for the first date. The music plays loud and you two have no way of talking to each other.

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