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Julie Anne San Jose is single at the moments but previously, she was dating an actor Benjamin Alves.

The couple, however, failed to handle their love life and separated after two years of relationship in 2018.

You will get to explore more of the waterways of Amazonia, and will have access to plant life and wildlife areas that you might miss during the dry season.

Also, that extra 23 feet puts travelers much closer to the jungle canopy, where monkeys play and our beautiful Amazon birds like to roost.

During the flooded season the average temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 12 degrees cooler than in the dry season.

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The Amazon basin is rich, lush, and green because it receives an abundance of rain (12ft / 4m a year on average).

Julie Ann San Jose net worth is around million and is earned through her decade work in Filipina entertainment industry.

She is a platinum-certified singer, composer, TV personality and Movie actress.

Furthermore, she is the brand ambassador of brands such as San Jose is also a social media celebrity with nearly 2 million followers on her Instagram and earns ,269.25-,448.75 per post.

Julie Anne Penaflorida San Jose was born on May 17, 1994, in Quezon City, Philippines to father Jonathan Roque San Jose, a computer operator and mother Marivic Camzon Peñaflorida, an instructor. Her two younger sisters are Joanna Marie and Jac San Jose. Love you foreverrrrrrr Thank you to my sisters for taking her out.

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