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Everyone’s in good standing.” Great Britain’s former chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, once put it this way: “The Nazis hunted down every Jew with hate and The Rebbe hunted Jews with love.” Chabad’s success lies in the teachings set forth by The Rebbe and previous rabbis, Shaffir said, “Notably that every Jew counts, and that within each Jew, there exists the pintele Yid – that point of authentic religious faith.It is the duty of Chabad to connect to this point.”This is accomplished “through dedication and commitment,” Shaffir said.Bring a friend and encourage others to #Share Shabbat.We invite everyone to join us at our Shabbat dinner to come together as a community and share the joy of life.” The Shabbat dinner, which begins with a candle lighting ceremony at p.m.

“Many synagogues are seeing their memberships dwindling,” pointed out Rabbi Motti Seligson, a spokesman for Chabad’s global headquarters in New York. “We see all Jews as being members,” Rabbi Seligson explained. If that’s your focus, it doesn’t matter whether they’re in good standing in terms of their financial contribution.

From Laos to New Caledonia, from the Congo to Paraguay, it has a presence.

Last October, Uganda became the 100th country to get a Chabad emissary.

At times like this we have to come together, in unity and prayer, and also in celebration of life.” The evening will conclude with a call to action.

“With the passing of Lori Kaye, the world became darker.

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