Chances of dating a celebrity

“If you are attracted to your opposite, then Southern Miley and Australian Liam are the couple you identify with the most,” Metselaar notes. They fell in love at a young age, got engaged, and then broke up for several years before ultimately ending up back together.

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He's a lot older than that, and he's an A-list celebrity so the chances of even getting him to notice you are highly unlikely.To get some expert opinions on the major couples out there, I reached out to Lindsey Metselaar, host of the dating podcast If you can’t get enough of Justin and Hailey, you’re probably a big believer in second chances and someone’s ability to change.“If this is your favorite couple, you believe that you can change someone and have a happy ending with them at the end of the day," Metselaar says.If you love them together, you enjoy the drama of a relationship that ebbs and flows… “I’d be careful of not getting involved with someone who cares more about their image than you,” Metselaar warns.Drama can add spice to a relationship, but it’s not worth it if it causes trust issues or jealousy.

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