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“I met one of my first friends in Chicago through my mom, who had a 30-something client invite me to a friend’s barbecue,” Danielle said.

“I got over the fact that I felt like a huge dork showing up alone and felt pretty good when I went out for a drink with my new friend.” experience, but how many bad dates have we all survived?

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Ken Smith (@kssmith1962), director of the Mobility Division of the Stanford Center on Longevity also shared his insights. For advice on how (and where) to do it, we turned to Everygirl Co-Founder Danielle Moss, who knows a thing or two about meeting friends in new places.We know showing up to events alone might feel mortifying, but we promise it seems scarier than it actually is. Nurture those “acquaintance-ships” into real friendships. As tempting as those nights in with Netflix are, don’t give in to the urge if potential friends await you outside.Remember the good old days, when all it took was a chat with the girl sitting next to you in your high school classroom and, voila, you had yourself a friend? As the group of friends you forged as an adult shrinks and spreads out across the country for jobs, romances, and life in general, it’s easy to feel the creeping burden of loneliness set in.Or those nights in college when you were surrounded by a seemingly-endless rotation of drinking buddies, many of whom would grow into true and lasting friends? But even if you’re in a new city, work from home, or you’re a hardcore introvert, making friends — amazing, loyal, wonderful friends — doesn’t have to be difficult or awkward or painful as an adult.

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