Research shows that one of the main reasons families return to their passport country is due to aging parents.

Prior to this decision though, there have usually been years of managing relationships with loved-ones from a distance.

Amidst the whirlwind of consumerism, however, there was one advertisement that stood out to me. As the treadmill ticked over, my mind was wandering down a winding path…it’s not just Mothers’ Day but many other family days throughout the year.

In handwritten capital letters, the TV screen in my gym spelled out, “ALL YOUR MUM WANTS FOR MOTHERS’ DAY,” long pause filled with emotive music, “IS YOU! What about when there is an illness or sudden emergency? How do families living abroad foster meaningful relationships between their globally mobile children and the Grandparents?

Banana stem, banana blossom, gondhoraj lemon, moringa flowers, some ten types of grasses that I had never seen before (calling them grass, will be saag once we eat them), unknown tubers, pumpkin flowers and leaves, jicama, For some reason, the most bountiful haat in whole of Delhi is in a haat that is in such a back of beyond place.

I take a space shuttle to get home, wonder how all these veggies make it here and why here!


It is easy to get caught up in the daily adjusting and living in a new host country and because the person is absent, they kind of get overlooked.

In our family, we made a concerted effort to ensure the Grandparents visited us in our host country so they could realistically imagine us in our day-to-day lives.

I know this is not possible for everyone thus highlighting the importance of ‘The Home Visit.’ Although exhausting, they are vital for fostering and maintaining relationships. Thanks to the likes of Skype and Face Time, we could chat with Aunties & Uncles from time to time and quick 5-second videos provided hours of entertainment as Cousins learned to walk, talk or swim.

Okay, I think I am getting into the food walk space. Yesterday, I wrote about the cupcakes and then we got these spices.

Then, you get everything else from the east and south that you get nowhere else, not even in CR Park.

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