Christian dating discussion topics

• What new recipes you would like try cooking together?

• How do you think cooking together improved our teamwork?

• What one person in your life has been most influential in shaping your view of God? • What have you been learning during your times of personal prayer and Scripture reading? • How can we continue to help each other grow spiritually on a regular basis? • Your dream could be something as simple as learning how to sew or cook or as grandiose as owning property on a lake or going on a trip around the world. • If so, how can I support you in achieving those dreams?

Are there things you set aside when we got married that you’d like to consider pursuing? • Where do you hope to be in your career 10 years from now? • What goals do you have for our marriage in the years ahead? Is there anything significant you’d like to achieve before you die? • What aspects of our relationship do you want to enhance together on the road ahead? • How can we encourage good manners in our home without becoming legalistic?

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• What has been your most positive spiritual experience during our marriage?

• What things do I do that communicate tenderness toward you? • Especially after long, tough days, how can we make a concerted effort to reconnect and show tenderness and empathy? • How would you feel if I put my arm around you in church or reached out for your hand when we’re walking? • What are some other ways we can incorporate meaningful touch into our daily routine?

• Are there other ways I can communicate tenderness on a regular basis? • How did you feel about the last service project we completed together?

• When a man holds the door for a woman, is that courteous or sexist? • How important are manners amid the craziness of everyday life? How can we work together to expand our knowledge on that subject as a couple?

• What other topics we can explore intellectually together as a couple? • What are some ways we can keep a spirit of discovery and adventure in our marriage?

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