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Gordon Building and Leading Effective Adjunct Faculty Teams in Higher Education, Frank J. Cavico Coding the Twilight Saga: Using Pop Culture to Teach Qualitative Data Analysis, Kristin M. Craddock Complex Transboundary Movements of Marine Megafauna in the Western Indian Ocean, A. Rowan Confirming 18S r DNA Polymorphism among Helicosporidium Isolates using Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) Analysis, Stephanie Liu Conflict, Stress and Faith Experienced by Caregivers of Bipolar Family Members, Sharonrose Bollers Consensual Sadomasochism, Briana O'Dowd Consensus Thermotolerance Ranking for 110 Symbiodinium Phylotypes: An Exemplar Utilization of a Novel Iterative Partial-Rank Aggregation Tool with Broad Application Potential, Timothy D. Marcelino Conservation of Porbeagle Sharks (Lamna nasus) Worldwide by Species and Population DNA Forensic Testing, Lara Murphy Conservation: Runner Up, Skylar Muller Conservation: Winner, Alanna Waldman Constructing Professional Identities: Native English-Speaking Teachers in South Korea, Natalie-Jane Howard Construction and Configuration of MPI Cluster, Dimitri Tyryshkin, Brett C. Swain Context-Enriched Conversation Analysis of Relational Hypnotherapy with a Client Diagnosed with a Phobia of Blood and Needles, Carlos Armando Ramos Continuous Dependence and Differentiating Solutions of a Second Order Boundary Value Problem with an Average Value Condition, Samantha Major and Kaitlyn Seabrook Contributions of Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment in Medical Sciences, Amarilis Acevedo Control and Uncontrollable Bonding, Ryan Frabizio Link Converging and Diverging Forces on Brand Preferences: Comparative Empirical Analysis of Hollywood Movies in US and China, Fiona Sussan and Ravi Chinta Cooking with Couples: A Grounded Theory Study on the Relational Aspects Found in the Cooking Interactions of Couples, Nicole R. Oestreich, Conrad Triebold, Emily Du Bois, Jillian Henss, Andrew H. Marcelino Coral Cover of Diaseris distorta and Porites sverdrupi at Isla Catalana, Gulf of California, Mary Crider Coral Larvae are Poor Swimmers and Require Fine-Scale Reef Structure to Settle, Tom Hata, Joshua S. Eyre, Tyler Cyronak, Patrick Drupp, Eric Heinen De Carlo, Julian P. Andersson Link Corporate Lobbying and the Performance of Initial Public Offerings, Bruce C. Succar Cranberries: The Use of a Naturally Occurring Compound to Fight against Periodontopathogens, Debbie L.

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Teague Analysis of D1S80 Locus, an introductory Bioinformatics analysis study in Human Genotype, Ana Paula Delgado Analysis of Elie Wiesel’s “Perils of Indifference”, Natasha M. Brochu Link An Attitude of Gratitude: The Effects of Body-Focused Gratitude on Weight Bias Internalization and Body Image, Jamie Dunaev, Charlotte Markey, and Paula M. A Legal Analysis of President Trump's Amenability to Criminal Indictment and Ability to Self-Pardon, Nicolo A. , Aishah Thompkins Link Cardiovascular Risks in Relation to Posttraumatic Stress Severity among Young Trauma-Exposed Women, Jeffery L. Lauderdale, Chris Petrie Chemical Sciences Honor Society and the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry & Applied Spectroscopy, D'Vano Forbes, Mary Chrisochos, Tina Mehta, and Angeli Niravel Choice Mums and Children’s Education. A Qualitative Study, Ana Bravo-Moreno Link Choppy Waters Ahead: Exploring the Changing Currents in Higher Education, Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Kathleen Barnes, John Stark, and David Ryan Miller Christabel and the Stranger Within Herself, Heike Dosé Link Chronic Juvenile Offenders: Exploring Risk Factor Models of Recidivism, Tom D. Snyder Detecting Deception from Thin Slice Communications, Carla Perna and Alisha Van Hoose Detection of Shoreline Fecal Contamination of a South Florida Beach using Traditional Indicator Organisms and a Novel Molecular Approach, Leonard Stein, Lauren Vernon, and Randall Wald Determination Of Different Benthic Reef Communities In Broward County, Florida (Usa) Using Acoustic Remote -Sensing and in Situ Techniques, Ryan P. Santos Development of a Microfluidic Device (μPADs) for Forensic Serological Analysis, Rosa L. Di Tullio Differences in Serum Leptin Levels in fed and Non-fed Goldfish (Carassius Auratus Auratus), Milhenka Auguste, Elizabeth Rosonow, and Niki Hector Different Approaches to a Moral Dilemma, Nancy Philippe Differential preservation of endogenous human and microbial DNA in dental calculus and dentin, Allison E. Lynden Link Diversity and Representation of the Respondents in the Society for Pediatric Psychology 2017 Workforce Survey, Jessica M. Shivji Do Bilinguals have an Advantage Over Monolinguals When It Comes to Executive Functions? Mc Coy, and Michael Marsiske Efficacy of Kinesio Taping as an Adjunct Intervention to Traditional Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Nonspecific Acute Low Back Pain: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial, Hossameldien Elkholy Efforts to Provide Support and Prevent Stress Related Problems in Police Officers Post-Parkland, S. Van Hasselt Ego Tripping (There May Be a Reason Why), Nikki Giovanni Elbow Injury Prevention in Youth Dominican Baseball Players: A Training Intervention Pilot Study, Chelsey Erbaugh Franz, Dawn Hall-Bibb, Myra Stockdale, Aliya Thompson, and Bailey Biggs Electrophoretic Karyotyping of Lagenidium gigantism, Stephanie Giordano Electrophysiological and Neuropsychological Correlates of Emotion Regulation, Anita Singh Elements of Research Questions in Relation to Qualitative Inquiry, Jennifer Kross and Amanda Giust E-mail Spam Reduction & Elimination Solution Proposal, Leeor Geva Emancipatory Research Practices: Womanist Epistemological Research and Storytelling, Denise Mc Lane-Davison Embodied Apprehensions: Jokering and Brokering Physical Engagement, Vonzell Agosto, Andrew Bratspis, Tara Nkrumah, Cornelio Aguilera, and Maria Migueliz Valcarlos Emerson and Whitman: Ignited by Nature, Driven by Individual Expression, Amanda Allen Thompson Emic bracketing: A Culturometric instrumentation of phenomenological epoché and reduction, Beatrice S. Golden Examining Social, Cognitive and Teaching Presences in an Online Teacher Development Course Using Whats App and Community of Inquiry, Glenda A. Barreto Exploratory Research of Synergistic Pharmacokinetics of Artemisinin and Chloroquine in Equine Erythrocytes by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Ultraviolet and Fluorescence Detection, Sachin R. Moini Exploring a Research Methodology Group Framework for Nurturing Research Methods and Designs: An Action Research, Mansureh Kebritchi, Mark Mc Caslin, and Ryan A.

Davis A Multiple Case-Study Approach to Examine Police Officers Perceptions on Narcan® Policies, Casey Gnann An academic administrator of color’s career development narrative in postsecondary education, Cecil Dean Campbell An Alaskan Adventure: The Search for its Fauna and Microorganisms, Renato Balducci Analysis of Attitudes, Gender, and Beliefs of Adolescent Students Concerning Interactive Technology, Courtney L. Craddock An Appreciative Inquiry of an Exemplary Hospice Interdisciplinary Group Caring for Individuals With Alzheimer’s Disease, Patricia Ozzie Dixon Anatomy Cat Dissection Software: Developing a Study Resource CD-ROM for NSU Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology Students, Christopher Tann and Crystal Rego Anatomy Cat Dissection Software: Developing a Study Resource CD-ROM for Physiology Students, Nick Rocco Link An Attitude of Gratitude: The Effects of Body-Focused Gratitude on Weight Bias Internalization and Body Image, Jamie Dunaev, Charlotte Markey, and Paula M. Preston Jones, and Ana Fins Boxed In: Examining Faulkner's Linguistic Silhouette of Addie's Interment, Amanda Allen Thompson Breakfast, Nova Southeastern University Breakfast, Nova Southeastern University Link Breaking Away: The Role of Homeostatic Drive in Perpetuating Depression, J. Kelly Camouflage: Runner Up, Cassie Van Wynen Camouflage: Winner, Derek Garvey Cancer Blog Narratives: The Experience of Under-Fifty Women with Breast Cancer during Different Times after Diagnosis, Maria Luisa Martino, Anna Gargiulo, Daniela Lemmo, and Giorgia Margherita Cancer, companionship, and carrots: An autoethnographic view of support and thriving, Bruce Lilyea Cancer-Related Fatigue Clinical Guideline and Protocol for Hospitalized Oncology Patients: A Quality Improvement Project, Sulotte Valcin Amilcar Can I conduct rigorous qualitative research outside the ivory tower? Rowan, Lisa Leroy, Allison Muma, and Alex Mijares Can President Trump Become His Own Judge and Jury? Ming Chemical interactions between Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans within mixed species biofilms, Rachel Comito, Fiorella Diaz, Martin Herrera, and Ariel Jordan Chemically Influenced Recruitment and Metaphorosis of Scleractinian Corals in Ft. Comparing Chemistry and Census-Based Estimates of Net Ecosystem Calcification on a Rim Reef in Bermuda, Travis A. Carry and Alex Mijares DESIGNING SOCIALLY-MEDIATED REFLECTION IN ONLINE DISCUSSIONS, Martha M. Horne Development of a focused, overarching qualitative research study question: Application of the EPPi C framework, Susan Jack and Karen Campbell Development of a Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program (HELP) Online Website for Filipinos: A Case Report, Noelle Lyn C. Taylor Differences in Jump Height and Reactive Strength Index-Modified in Dancers and Non-dancers Performing the Vertical Jump from Two Positions, Sarah Hutcher Differences in Pigmentation Between Life Cycle Stages in Scrippsiella lachrymosa (dinophyceae), Agneta Persson, Barry Smith, Tyler Cyronak, Emily Cooper, and Giacomo R. Cummings Disengaging the Wandering Mind: Examining the Role of Emotional Valence, A. Seifer, and Jaime Tartar Distinguished Alumni Award Winner: Dwight Hollier Athlete Presentation, Mindy Dunagan Distinguishing Between Graduate and Undergraduate Public Administration Programs, David Miller Distress in Mexican-American Immigrants: Linking Acculturative Stress and Depression, A. Stripling Diversification and Intensification in Hybrid Metaheuristics for Constraint Satisfaction Problems, John M. Reeves Examining the Effects of Blue Light on Melatonin, Mood, and Neurobehavioral Performance, Reaghan May Examining the Impact of Learning Management Systems in Computer Programming Courses, Mohammed Naif Alatawi Link Examining the Reliability of a False Confession Classification System, Mahleelah A. Hill Link Exploratory Factor Analysis Use in International Business Research: Miscalculation of Factor Scores, Tomasz Lenartowicz and Tais S.

Ferdinando Assessment of Heavy Metals in Subsistence-Harvested Alaskan Pinniped Vibrissae, Chitra Gotluru Assessment of Mercury in Tissues of Marine-Associated Birds in South Florida, Caitlyn A. Greenwood, and Julia Teahen Genetic and Microscopic Analysis of Human Dental Calculus from Swift Water Place, Christina Warinner, Andrew T.

Nay, James Gelsleichter, and David Kerstetter Assessment of Trophic Positions for the Seabirds of South Florida Using Stable Isotopes, David Kerstetter Assessment Performance Based Teaching Modality: On-Ground v. Cavico Association between Immunological Reactivity with Tetrabromobisphenol-A and Autoimmune Target Sites of the Nervous System, Datis Kharrazian Association of Synesthesia and Creativity amongst a General Population, Samantha Domingo and Laxmi Lalwani Link Associations between Father Involvement and Father-Child Attachment Security: Variations Based on Timing and Type of Involvement, Geoffrey L. Cavico A Study of Lifespan in the United States, Jacqueline Carrion A Study of New Porous Molecular Frameworks and Their Adsorption and Desorption Properties, Sam Aminov and Jennifer Tejada Link A Survey Study of Neuropsychiatric Complaints in Patients with Graves' Disease: A Twenty-Year Follow-Up Investigation, J. Ozga, Anita Radini, Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan, and Cecil M. Genetic Characterization of the Yersiniae Cold Growth Phenomenon, Richard Wheeler and Nick Rocco Genetic Diversity in Helicosporidium Using β-Tubulin as a Marker, Amy Van Gentle Words Say Something Unbeautiful, Chana F.

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