Consolidating aperture 3 library

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I was stuck with the same dilemma of losing Aperture. There were two major considerations: how the the alternative ported over the Aperture Library and adjustments and how did the alternative perform as a go forward basis. As for the Tiff files (especially from scanners), I think C1 has made some headway with that.

Neither Lightroom or Capture One Pro 9 offer much of a solution for Aperture images, but the fact that Capture One would not see or files on transfer from Aperture was a serious deficiency. But for legacy issues, Lightroom is not a great solution either. You may want to check the release notes for the latest versions.

Speaking of which, I do recommend keeping copies of both Aperture 3.4 and Mac OS X El Capitan on a backup drive.

Up the road you may need to restore failed hardware.

There are copies of Aperture available via Bit Torrent, but I have not tested, nor tried, this approach.

When Aperture is no longer supported by the OS, then I’ll have some new decisions to make.

Most likely, I’ll freeze a computer at El Capitan, and keep it as an archive machine.

Up the road you may need to restore failed hardware.” I’d like to have those options available should I down the road decide to get another computer to freeze the OS and be able to use Aperture.

Since I got latest Aperture updates thru App Store, is there any way to get hold of the dmg files? My approach is to freeze the older computer in time and use a new purchase for moving forward.

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