Cuckoo clock dating marks info

In addition to these, the style and method of production should be kept in mind as giving clues to dating.Dating Wedgwood can sometime be very difficult as apart from the Trademark there are also in some cases letters that accompany the marks to give a more accurate manufacture date and most old pieces have this second mark.All details are reproduced faithfully, from the exact dimensions; to fine embellishments; to the use of the same or very similar materials and finishes.Genuine reproduction is not plain copying though, it requires great craftsmanship and dedication to detail.We also carry a fine selection of New Haven mantel clocks plus an assortment of skeleton clocks and French designed hand-painted porcelain clocks.All our reproduction clocks are truly a beautiful work of art that will grace your home with bright moments for a long time to come.Learn the different types of vintage clocks: atmos clocks, cuckoo clocks, alarm, retro & nautical clocks.

By becoming familiar with the dozen or so main variations of the Wedgwood mark and by knowing when each was in use, a collector can determine an approximate period of production of an object.To better date a particular piece collectors will often also refer to this marking.If you are looking to find the value of Wedgwood pieces, we have expert appraisers on hand.A guide to trademarks is listed here and by careful study most collectors can acquire a reasonably sound knowledge.Determining the specific year of production of an item is somewhat more complicated, and this calls for close examination of a variety of other marks, such as three-letter date marks, registration marks, artists signatures or monograms and other devices.

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