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Min Yeong works as a dating agent and while her field of work requires her to offer her clients the perfect match by levels, she romantically believes that love shouldn't have restrictions.

She risks getting into trouble as she plans a date between a low level class client and a higher rank woman.

The big exception here is the last few episodes, where the show's writers made a beeline straight for Crazyville and didn't stop until it was time to wrap up the series. " I also felt like the underlying conflict was a little underdeveloped for the amount of drama it caused in the show.

If you're writing a fun, lighthearted series about the hijinks in a dating agency, WHY would you think that tossing in a kidnapping with two episodes to go is a good way to wrap things up? Seo Byung Hoon kept agonizing over things, and then Yi Seol would just be like, "Yeah, I knew that 15 years ago.

Even though there aren't flower boys in the title, this series still captures the same spirit that fills the other Oh! It's a breezy comedy bursting at the seams with quirky side characters and cute romance.

In fact, fans of Jo Yoon Woo's "Angel Boy" in FBRS will be thrilled to see the same actor play Do Arang, who is basically the exact same character--nerdy sweaters and all.

For me, though, the age gap was a little distracting.Dating Agency: Cyrano just finished its run in July of this year.Looking for something light and fluffy to watch in what feels like billion-degree weather, I started watching it pretty soon after it ended. Boy series (which also includes Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up! In line with the other shows, this one was originally called Flower Boy Dating Agency before they settled on Dating Agency: Cyrano.They had some cute moments (like the play fighting below), but most of the chemistry just didn't fall into place for me.Out of curiosity, I asked Coco what she thought about the pairing after watching the first episode.

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