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Their attorney, David Milian, said he couldn’t comment on the settlement.But his civil court complaint was as scathing as they come.Flaunting her assets in the saucy two-piece, the Cuban beauty made sure to catch the attention of fellow beach goers with her slight curves in Santa Monica.Speaking at Comic-Con in July, the beauty opened up about her first day on set during a panel discussion for the show - admitting she arrived during lunch and was greeted by hordes of zombified extras chowing down.Dany Garcia is the President of The Garcia Companies, a Media Management Company, founded by her.She has worked on many media projects including films, television and sports.After 10 years of living a happy married life, Dany officially sought divorce from her husband Dwyane, in June 2007.There were no specific reasons mentioned of their split.

Dany and Dwayne also teach their daughter to express equal love and respect for both the parents.This money would take care of Simone’s schooling and college education.However, the couple has taken utmost care to ensure that their daughter, Simone is not affected. The two ensure that they always maintain a positive relationship, which is a very crucial factor in co-parenting their child.Such a nature of divorce makes their split, all the more interesting, to people.Till date, Dany and Dwayne continue to regard each other as best friends.

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