Dating a guild d 25 acoustic guitar

The solid Indian rosewood back and sides are more brownish than some specimens I’ve seen.

The satin-finished, two-piece neck also has a cocoa tint that complements the guitar’s low-key visual vibe.

The model and serial numbers beginning FJ do not appear prior to 1980.

But the model says B1 which I cannot find any mention of it in the Guild serial and model numbers listed on the web and I have looked at several sites." Dean, were you ever able to find a way to decipher this number? I'm looking at a D-104CE with a similar number and I'm curious to know its history. Thanks, : the serial number on the guild guitar we have which we have been told belonged to Hank Williams, Jr. And Guild electrics—like the Starfire 6-string and bass, and the X Series archtops—were some of the finest guitars of the electric guitar’s first golden age.Guild also took risks, though, and electrics like the Polara and Thunderbird have the distinction of at once being some of the oddest and best-playing solidbodies of the ’60s.

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