Dating a man 7 years younger

I didn't want to get into another serious relationship any time soon. As if anything in my life had gone according to plan…One night, I noticed a Friend request on Facebook from someone I didn't know.I had dinner recently with an old friend I hadn't seen in many years.She told me she never thought my marriage was the end of my story.

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And despite the age difference and the fact that we disagreed on everything from movies to ideal vacation spots, I felt the same way.

She liked my husband, she explained, but he and my married life never quite fit with the person she'd known me to be. I think the convention-busting girl I was in my premarital 20s may have had it right.

Risk is relative and personal, and sometimes, the socially mandated choices are the most hazardous of all.

In Cairo, I resurrected the bold, adventurous woman I'd been two decades earlier, before I'd yielded to the pressures and should-dos of grown-up life.

I'd met my former husband in the then-Soviet Moscow, where I'd moved from Paris in search of a job in journalism. In Cairo — I was working on a book about Egypt, so moving there seemed the logical choice — I found strange comfort in the upheaval.

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