Dating advice say love you

They never talk in absolutes (like saying “never”).

They are always really fun to be around and avoid conflict.

But when he says those three words to me now, I know they are from the bottom of his heart.

I don’t think this guy is afraid of commitment, but the last guy I dated was great. I don’t want to wreck another great thing by being too forward. ”Notice I said, “For most guys.” It sounds like the previous guy was the cat’s meow until you made things all serious on him.On the surface, they seem to be perfect…And then they hear the “L” word.A guy that fears commitment will saw off his own legs and drag himself out of your house just to get away from something so serious and scary. It’s easy to tell your friends he has the emotional maturity of a newborn, but if you look back, the signs were all there.It is a line in the sand that signals the end of a casual romance and the start of an enduring one.Love is hard to define but my test is whether you are ready to embrace someone’s eccentricities, blind spots and annoying habits – not just their great qualities.

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