Dating an anxious man Adultjavachat

In some men, anxiety may manifest as rage or anger. While women may find support from friends or mental health professionals, guys often let their feelings build up until they hit a breaking point–and then the flood gates open.

“Because emotions don’t get expressed [by men], because anxiety isn’t expressed in a healthy way, there are busts of anger as a result,” said Ezell.

Hofmann, Ph D and psychology professor at Boston University who researches anxiety.

They may not realize it, but this helps manage the anxiety of socializing.

Guys who forego professional treatment may instead turn to drugs or heavy drinking to cope with anxiety–and this may be a doorway to addiction.

If a friend winters in Aspen, his client wants to winter in the Alps.

There is a particular pressure in status attainment—and status advancement—that fuels anxiety disorders for many.

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