Dating aussie farmers

The Goldings were forced to sell their produce at below-cost prices and their capital -haemorrhaged.

Mrs Golding, 33, said closing the piggery was heartbreaking.

Leonie Young, the chief executive of beyond-blue, said: "Rural men will say: 'No worries, mate, come and have a beer', however dire things may be. Talking about feelings just isn't okay."There is a great resilience and resourcefulness among rural people.

They feel they have the stoicism to endure whatever life dishes up.

It brings back memories of high school days when you choose team members for the day’s sport, standing, waiting, willing the captain ‘please pick me,’ and ‘don’t let me be last’.

After the Farmers have completed over 100 speed dates, it all goes a bit haywire when they are all thrown into a mingle situation. True colours were the only thing blooming at this little sware. There was no hesitation putting their fellow counterpart down in the hope to get ahead.

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But it is the taciturn temperament of many outback farmers that puts them at particular risk.

More than 2,000 suicides are recorded each year in Australia, four-fifths of them among men.

Those living in rural areas are four times more likely to kill themselves than city dwellers, according to a national depression awareness group, beyondblue.

Not to be out done, the piece de resistance comes when one girl decides to take to the pole to perform what can only be described as poor class. Her comment after her performance, was almost as good as her pole show – “I am the pole dance girl, I hope I stood out in a good way”.

I can certainly guarantee, yes you did stand out, the good bit well the jury is out on that one!

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