Dating business brought income in 2016

Income eligibility requirements were introduced to the program for individual applications on March 29, 2016.At the time an applicant submits a signed application for a rebate, the most current CVRP Implementation Manual available, as well as the Terms and Conditions signed by the applicant, will apply.In other words, consumers who purchase a BEV or PHEV and have income higher than the limits above are already ineligible for a CVRP rebate, therefore eligibility for a Clean Air Decal should not be affected.

Examples of additional documentation that may be required include W2s, bank statements, etc.Both the Terms and Conditions and Implementation Manual in place at the time of application will determine the applicant’s eligibility for the program.These governing documents are updated several times every year and changes may impact how an applicant’s income is calculated, and therefore the applicant’s eligibility for the program.Consumers with household incomes less than or equal to 300 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible for an increased rebate amount as listed below.The option to apply for an increased rebate is shown on the online application based on the income information the applicant provides.

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