Dating by email

will ask you to choose one or two security questions when you set up your email address.

These security questions are designed to help you reset your password if you should ever forget it.

It is a good idea to set up a brand new email address without using your real name so your identity is not easily identifiable by possible scammers on the website.

This way if you ever want to stop communicating with someone online, they will not be able to harass you as your identity will remain a secret.

Also, email addresses can be very handy for scammers so understanding email security is essential.

During the online dating process, you will be interacting with a number of people and your email address will be your primary form of communication.

For example, your security question may be about the make of your first car.

So a scammer might start a conversation about cars and even tell you about their first car in an attempt to get you to reveal the same information to them.

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Scammers and hackers are becoming smarter and they often identify your security questions first following which they strike up a conversation with you online, gradually weaving in the security questions into a normal conversation.Always be mindful of what your security questions are and be sure never to include that information in your profile.So, if your security question asks for your pet's name, remember not to put your pet's name in your dating profile for all to see – you will only be making it easier for the hacker.Common security questions include: find easy to remember but others will have a hard time guessing.While the standard security questions are fairly straightforward, if someone knows you well enough, they may be able to guess the answers to your security questions as well.

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