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They are scissor-type tools that cut and retain the snuff trimmed from candle wicks.

The snuff is partially burned wicks and, with the addition of oxygen, is very flammable, therefore it needed to be isolated so it would not reignite once trimmed from the wick.

Thus late 18th Century, light oxidation to tin, [see Neumann's "Antique Country Furnishings' page 77 figure 2], this example has the original loop hanging ring....................................................., 2.25" X 7.25" X 4", tooled leather covering with ornate designs, original brass handle as well as a hasp, early rose head nails at bottom holding the base, interior covered with 18th Century newsprint [General Braddock mentioned] as well as some handmade wallpaper, domed shaped top, interior small section of wood missing in no way interfering with the functionality of opening or closing the box, leather image still intact.

Nice original patina, tough to find together, Neumann values at 0.These coins are cast in fine pewter from molds made directly from original coins, so they capture the wear and look of actual circulated coins. Hook the tine through a loop on your hunting pouch or the button hole of your coat, leaving your hands free to continue hunting. Hanger is solidly constructed, riveted over the tine with an iron washer.Coins are each, or for a set of all 7 coins. SOLD See our Soldiers page for our complete selection! For information about the goods and services of Old Dominion Forge, please select one of the following links: Most items will be shipped USPS. If the item is not in stock when you place your order, you will be given a projected delivery date.The simplest and most common form of candle snuffer consists of a pair of scissors with an attached box to retain the snuff.The snuff would be smashed into the box so it would not reignite.

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