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How is Rocket Theme different than other template clubs out there?We like to think that we produce an excellent product that stands the test of time.We have also released all of our extensions and plugins as free products, enabling anyone with any template or theme to use them on their site. We are currently the largest Joomla provider out there.Our founder, Andy Miller, was one of the original core founders of the Joomla project, and we owe a lot of our success to the Joomla community.You will find that most of our designs are available on all four of these platforms.This enables our users to find a style they like and stick with it, even if they decide to migrate their site from Joomla to Word Press, or to add a php BB forum. Tell us a little more about this and why it is beneficial to business owners…The Gantry framework started out as a product of necessity.

We offer two different primary methods of purchasing our templates and themes.

You also gain access to our support forums for both our templates and any associated extensions.

These forums are manned by a team of moderators in addition to our developers.

Because our modern themes are all built with the same framework (Gantry) we are able to quickly identify and deploy fixes that cover all of our themes at one time. Is it just access to the already created themes or are new themes added regularly? Joining one of our clubs gives you instant access to our entire library of templates, themes, or styles for that particular platform.

You can download and test with as many as you'd like, and you receive site licenses which allow you to use our templates on live sites.

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