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Pros of Dating an ISTP: Extremely self-sufficient and capable. Kind of like an encyclopedia, but a fun one you can take on adventures.Cons of Dating an ISTP: Has a tendency to disappear for days or weeks at a time. Intrinsically driven to make you happier every day you’re with them.Unlikely to notice you’re upset until you have attached a large blimp to their house reading, “I’m upset! Maps out an exciting new life course every six months, making it hard for the relationship to grow stagnant.Cons of Dating an ENTP: Forgets you exist while in the throes of a new project.

Unprecedented balance of deeply insightful and hopelessly goofy.

Vacation is usually one of the brightest periods of people’s lives.

You might be visiting new places, trying new cuisines, getting unforgettable memories and positive emotions. That is why hookup during vacation is a common issue for thousands of guys and ladies.

If disappearing episodes are restricted, grumpiness levels rise. Shakes the foundation of your worldview in an affirming way.

Cons of Dating an INFJ: A lot of unresolved existential dread.

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