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SSBBW stands for super-sized big beautiful woman, and signifies a BBW who is significantly obese.

Women who are BBW/SSBBW can also be feedees, but many are not and are simply overweight by circumstance or genetics.

If you like muscular/chubby guys with round, soft bellies, and you would not mind seeing it become even softer, I am your man.

A woman who truly cares about others but also takes care of herself.

Feedee is typically a label used in the straight community—in the gay community feedees are typically called gainers. Feeders are men or women who like the idea or physical act of helping someone else grow bigger.

There's no wrong way to be a feedee, so just follow your heart… Feeders may be any size—fat or thin—and some feeders also identify as feedees.

Sure, if you wanna go crazy and put your head in an oven by age 40 Sylvia-Plath style. Being someone into feeding is like being someone who is gay.

If you don't like what you have heard so far and don't like fat in all its glory and beauty, do not enter!

Feedees don't have to be large, because feederism is as much about the mentality as it is about the physical results. And there’s lots of fat admirers and BBW/BHM who are open to exploring feederism fantasies too.I live in Manhattan and I plan to go to medical school after a few years of working in the city.I am enthralled by all aspects of feederism but I am most interested in being fattened up by a lovely lady from the city.Some feedees will only gain a few pounds to be satisfied, some will pack on several hundred and some will never grow. Though both feeders and fat admirers have a "fat is good" outlook, they differ in the sexual habits column: Fat admirers typically have "normative" sexual desires and just happen to find larger partners desirable, while feeders find sexual gratification in helping someone grow bigger or worshipping them for their size. If you live in a small town, you may want to start setting aside a small travel budget.In terms of physicality, both feeders and fat admirers come in all shapes and sizes, and some larger feedees identify as feeders as well. The best way to get to know this community and make friends is to meet people in real life.

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