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But Nik looked like her dog had just been shot, ran over ,and eaten right in front of her. " "Its my dad."She saided in no more then a whisper.

I slid a pillow where my body once layed and I go make a pot of coffee.

In 2008, Gerard appeared in the 2008 short fantasy animated film X-Mess Detritus as a narrator. in 2010 in just one episode as a writer and singer.

It is not known what diet he eats and what all exercises he does to stop himself from going out to shape.

In 1999, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts in New York City.10 (US) (via Twitter)He has not endorsed any of the brands until now. But, as an adult, he is still believed to be close to God.

Working as a lead vocalist (and rhythm guitarist and pianist) with the , his debut album was I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love released on July 23, 2002 via Eyeball Records. As a solo artist, his first album was Hesitant Alien released in September 2014 via Warner Bros., and Reprise Records.

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