Dating hilton leinart matt paris what to expect when dating a british man

When you go out on the town, who picks out your ensemble?

How did you find out that you, Matt Leinart, are's Hottest Male Athlete? Your closest competition came from Jeremy Bloom, Dwyane Wade and Dan Wheldon. Who do you think is the smoothest-looking guy in sports? I saw Dwyane Wade at the ESPYs last year and he was looking good; he's got some fine clothing.

If I was to be a Jet, that would be sweet and I would do anything I can to help that team win. I'm going to say that whatever position that team feels they need most, that's what they are going to take.

She was actually in that fashion show I mentioned with Reggie and I; she looked beautiful. I'm not trying to fill anybody's shoes, I'm just trying to be me. Well, I'm going to give you the politically correct answer.

Paris, Nick, Fez -- you know just about anybody who is anybody. Well, a couple weeks ago I met Jim Carrey, and I was pretty excited about that. I have never really formally met Shaq, but I've been around him because he did a coin toss at our game a few years back, and I was pretty psyched. I guess I'm not really a guy who gets overly excited about meeting celebrities, but athletes are different. Who do you talk to more, your mother or your agent? I think that's maybe a reason why some people might respect some of the things that I've done -- because I work really hard to try and be the best I can be, but at the same time I've enjoyed all of the opportunities I have gotten and I've remained the same person. I would never walk into a restaurant and say, "I want a seat now." That's not me.

He actually chose me to call him up for an award he was receiving, which was really cool. I don't put up a front just because there's a camera rolling, or something. [laughs] Yeah, it's one of the perks, so to speak … and I'm not a guy who expects anything.

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