Dating laurie palanza

My philosophy is that if you can read a map, then you can take a train.

They pretty much work the same everywhere in the world.

It's a fabulous location and hard to pass up for a hotel out near my office in the suburbs.

So why not to commute to work each day and spend all my free time in the city? Paris is known for its efficient transportation systems and Laurie was teaching me the ins and outs of the buses, Metro and RER trains.

At this time last year I was planning my third business trip to Paris within a five month period.

Prior to this fortuitous run, I had only been to Paris once for a very brief overnight trip from Brussels in the mid 80's.

I looked at the sign overhead and even with my limited French I knew that my train was cancelled and there wasn't another one coming in the foreseeable future, so it was back down the stairs where a very nice bilingual woman confirmed that I needed to get back on the green line and head to Gare de Lyon station.The only problem was that I was standing on the wrong side of the station.We finally connected by phone and I was able to navigate to the front of the station (which actually looked like a train station) instead of the back entrance where I had been standing in the freezing February cold.Once stopped, I stood there for what seem like an eternity waiting for him to open the door. I had the correct stop, so why wouldn't the driver open the door?There was one person waiting to board, but nobody moved. Finally, the driver turned and looked at me and said that I needed to disembark from the side door. Non, but his hand gestures were pretty effective and I also recalled that I hadn't seen anyone exit a bus in Paris from the front like they do in New York, so I turned, held my head high and took the long walk to the back exit.

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