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Tinder is now looking forward to expanding its business in the Southeast Asia region and India.One of the things that the popular dating app is considering doing so as to crack these emerging markets is bringing a lightweight Tinder Lite app.There is an easier way, right here in the local dating scene Economists will tell you that the best way to manage your time and resources is to streamline and outsource. It Takes 2 is a Richmond-based matchmaking service for people who are over the old games of bars and blind dates.

“But perhaps they’re not able to set aside the time to look. “Basically everyone’s goal is the same—to find the right person, the right fit,” Carrie said.You might try a bar, but even now that smoking has been banned that scene gets old in a hurry. Your friends are well-meaning and think, “Hey, he’s single. You start to feel like you’re living through an episode of Seinfeld and are grateful when the evening ends.Same old faces, same tired songs on the jukebox, and after a few cobweb mornings you might just decide it’s easier to stay home. We’re living on Earth 2.0 right now, so the next step might be some kind of online service, but those can be problematic. Inevitably, time to turn your thoughts toward love.The question is, how do you meet someone special in today’s busy world? You wake up and open the paper and see nothing but bad news.

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