Dating on earth popcorn

Instead of being eaten off the cob, popcorn is usually stripped from the cob and then heated in a pan until the inside literally breaks through the tough hull, creating fluffy, crunchy kernels.

This type of corn is a new world food, and its seeds have been found in archaeological digs that date back several thousands of years.

The dark band in this picture is a layer of volcanic ash trapped in ice from the East Antarctic ice sheet.

The ash was deposited on snow on the surface of the ice sheet, which was then compressed over time to form ice.

Ice coring on the summit of Mount Moulton, in West Antarctica.Archaeologists have found these kernels in popped form that carbon dating show to be at least 1000 years old.In this respect, Native Americans were considerably lucky; they got to enjoy popcorn much sooner that did the rest of the world.Another way we eat and enjoy popped corn is at movie theaters.This type of corn is cooked in the much more traditional way, though Native Americans certainly didn’t have popped corn machines.

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