Dating several people

Below, I will elaborate on those reasons, along with some things to be aware of before you start Mega Dating. If you are already in an exclusive relationship and decide you would like to experiment with dating on the side to see if you want to remain in your current relationship.

That’s called cheating, and it’s definitely not ok.

Variety is the most obvious advantage of dating several people at the same time.

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If you are dating multiple women at one time and end up keeping a few of those women around for, say, a few to several months (without ever discussing exclusivity, or evading the discussion of exclusivity should it come up), then that’s not ok. If you have no interest in EVER being exclusive, make sure you are completely transparent about that in the beginning so you don’t leave anyone hurt, angry or confused.

Mega Dating is one way to practice thinking abundantly and experience a world of abundance for yourself.

When you date multiple women at one time, you can see all the options out there.

It also left me more confident, less stressed and helped me to see that dating can be fun and there ARE plenty of fish in the sea.

Dating multiple people is definitely not wrong for several reasons.

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