Dating sites htm

Through them, you can try to establish an informal contact, "crossing" various social strata.On these services, people are more likely focused on friendly communication than on a romantic one, so finding a partner in this way will not be easy.Another disadvantage of such services is that you cannot know in advance the interests and often even the age and sex of the interlocutor.In a word, everything rests on the "happy occasion", and this is not the most reliable option for finding a partner.Thus, we take for granted that with a successful set of circumstances, sooner or later and with virtual acquaintance, there will come a moment of first look and talk in the real world, the first 10 seconds, minutes, hours ... If you carefully looked at the photo of the user you liked, studied each other's accounts, entered into talk, iterated the initial awkwardness, and it is interesting and pleasant for you to communicate, - most likely, you are still ahead.These services are actually the foremost prevalent for dating and chatting on the Web.All above statements are valid for the situation when two people meet each other for the first time in real life.

On the Internet, you can arrange a personal "casting", selecting the people you like.

The pitfalls of such social networks are the same as those of dating sites - uncertainty in the interlocutor and the opportunity to become a victim of fraudsters.

These services do not have a specific thematic specialization.

Of course, it's good when you have friends all over the world who will listen on Skype, read or text a long, heartfelt email, talk about the climate in a tropical country where they live, help you rent an apartment for a holiday.

But most of us, getting acquainted in the World Wide Web, still hope to find not only the warmth of the soul of another person, but the warmth of the hand that can be touched during meeting.

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